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say papa!


AU where Nezumi and Shion are happily married couple! Shion finally persuades Nezumi to adopt a baby, and they end up with a three months old  baby boy. After months of sleepless nights,  it is almost a month over the first birthday, and the little one even started to stand on his feet. He is also a very talkative one in gibberish language, just as Shion, as Nezumi refers. Though he hasn’t made a meaningful word yet such as ‘papa’!

Shion turns off the stove as he is finished with the soup he is making for dinner, and he slowly leans on the kitchen sink putting his hands on his cheeks to watch Nezumi and baby boy sleeping together lazily on the floor. So far, it becomes Shion’s favourite hobby to watch those together. They are a couple to see! Always fighting for some reason, one denies eating and other forces his way with a handful of spoon; one denies sleeping and the other agrees for the hundredth ‘last’ time to swing him in his arms. But always, always seem pleased with themselves. Lost in memories, Shion sees the little one waking up. He first mumbles in his language, but as he sees Nezumi right beside him, he put his face a very cute smile, and says ‘ma-ma’.

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Rating: K

Stories where my OTPs have babies/children give me life.

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I was going to say hi to you all last night but I was tired and my collar was hurting because I moved the area too much. I just decided that turning the computer off and sleeping was abetter option.

So hi everyone. I hope you’re all doing well.

I’m changing the tag for these kinds of posts to ‘follower greetings’ just to let you all know.

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ia1979 said: This author has written some gooood oneshots!!

I completely agree! I’ve gone through this author's works a few times. I'm always very satisfied with them. I think I'll go through them again within the next few days.

They have nice pacing to them and are very nicely written. 

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I decided to write some Cloudgeal and it totally snowballed out of nowhere and I think there’s definitely more to this universe that I have to explore, so expect more of this sooner or later. As always, copying and pasting from MW to tumblr causes spacing issues but I’m in a hotel parking lot and I want to go home so I don’t care. 

Belated birthday present for Ren whom I love and whom you can still wish a happy birthday! 

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Rating: K+ (could be T because people are drunk?)

This is an adorable universe. I would love to see more of this.

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