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Adjusting, a final fantasy vii fanfic | FanFiction

"Sephiroth had been waiting for an equal his whole life, but he had certainly not been expecting this bizarre man who is against Shinra but not really, and whose secrets are somehow pissing him off. Maybe it’s time for a change of scenery."

Rating: T

Author: Winds of time

To think I ever hated time travel aus.

Oh Sephiroth what will Cloud do with you.

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Drain—A FFVII Oneshot



Cover art by tomowowowo

Story by Boomchickfanfiction

Full story under Read More link!


Sephiroth had taken too many bullets. He’d been prepared for the usual resistance from this band of Wutaian freedom fighters. Rifles and scimitars he could handle. The automatic weaponry that had filled his chest with lead was not what he’d steeled himself to receive when he charged into the base at the mountain top.

The machine gun and its wielder had fallen, both sliced into seven neat pieces, but not before they’d taken their toll. Sephiroth staggered, looking down the mountainside at the miles of travel before him. He’d been sent alone. There was no backup coming for him. After all, why would the Demon of Wutai need backup? As far as the army was concerned, he was an ace-in-the-hole weapon. There was no need to send in a rescue team to save the bomb you dropped.

Sephiroth gave a low, bitter laugh as he paused where he stood, Masamune wavering in his hand. Her point dipped, touching the ground, and he wheezed out a breath. He could feel every one of the bullets inside him—Could feel his body fighting to heal and push them out of his skin. He could feel it starting to fail.

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Rating: T

As always Boomchick and Tomo do amazing work.

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Eir's Tomorrow - jukeboxhound | Archive of Our Own

"Cloud is the Planet’s greatest weapon, and if he can’t fix old wrongs and battles then he may end up being the means by which it all ends (again)."

Rating: Explicit


Who wants some time travel au? I’ve actually read this a couple times but for some reason I always went to other stories in the middle of it. I finally read all of it.

At the moment I’m trying to figure out why I never read all of it before because I just spend the last couple nights going to sleep late because I couldn’t stop reading it.

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[No. 6] Flower Shop AU


The door opened with an artificial chime of bells, easing shut on downtown’s noise and color. Nezumi looked up from his dog-eared copy of Twelfth Night in time to glimpse a white head of hair disappear behind a display of potted orchids and out of sight.

A 50th anniversary, he decided. The standard dozen of roses or a bland arrangement of lilies to place on a grave, anything lifeless enough to suit the sickly, artificial sweetness of the shop.

He finished the next scene and nearly forgot that a customer was in the shop until a metallic crash rang out, followed by a panicked, “Sorry! Sorry!” that piqued Nezumi’s interest more than the foreseeable mess at hand.

He left the book splayed on its pages and followed the source of noise away from the counter. The white-haired customer, a young man, was hastily scooping up a scattered array of tin garden decorations.

“Need any help?” Nezumi deadpanned.

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Rating: K

I love floriography.

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[No. 6] September 7th


For the first time his memory could recall, Nezumi woke to the clatter of kitchenware. He sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, immediately suspicious after glancing at the time. Shion had been acting strangely all week—smiling to himself when he thought Nezumi wasn’t looking, going on sudden errands, asking questions out of nowhere or remaining deep in thought for entire afternoons. Actually, this behavior was entirely normal for Shion, all except for making breakfast in the middle of the night.

The house was barely grasping the concept of sunrise when he shuffled into the kitchen. With a remarkable capability Nezumi had yet to figure out, Shion heard him come up behind him over the running faucet

“Good morn—oof. You’re heavy.”

“Mmph,” Nezumi replied. He rested his chin on Shion’s head and clasped his hands around his waist. “What’s the grand occasion?”

Shion shut off the tap, shaking a small stream of water from the strainer of cherries. Nezumi heard the smile in his voice. “Don’t you want to guess?”

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Rating: K

Aw cute. Happy birthday to Shion.

Reblogging this today instead of putting it in the queue because I’m always late for these kinds of things and I didn’t want to be today.

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A Simple Conversation, a final fantasy vii fanfic | FanFiction

"It didn’t surprise Reno to find Cloud Strife in the remains of the old church. In fact, it was so damned cliched that he groaned aloud when he plopped beside the blond."

Rating: T

Author: tir-synni

I always wonder why I like Reno so much. Then I push the confusion aside and read things that pair him off with some of my favorite soldiers(Really only Zack and/or Cloud).

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